There are days when you may feel like you are all alone.
You’re afraid to share your true emotions.
You don’t want to burden anyone.
You think that no one cares or maybe no one understands.

However, I know from speaking with individuals all across the country that no matter what has occurred, right now, somewhere there is someone going through very similar emotions as you. Someone understands.

Find a place where you can share your feelings, release them.
Allow them to be expressed without judgment.

Sometimes you’ll cry, sometimes you’ll laugh, and other times you’ll be angry – and it is OK and normal for you to feel.

How long have you kept things bottled up inside?
Have you ignored the pain or pretended that you are ‘just fine, thank you very much’?
Don’t fool yourself. Your emotions are still there.

You are not the only one who has emotions related to a loss.
These feelings are not meant to be rationalized or logically resolved.

This is a matter of the heart.
So get them out of head and live your life.
If you feel a bit lost or need some assistance, I am here.