You do your best to take good care of yourself.

When your loss occurred, you were flung into a personal storm. You had to figure out how to take care of yourself when everything around you was in a state of chaos.

How did you do that?
Or maybe a better question – did you do that?

No matter how long ago you experienced your loss and whether it was a divorce, the death of a loved one, an illness or job loss, you continue to have feelings about it. Isn’t that right?

To fully take care of yourself, you need to allow those feelings to be expressed.

You may have already realized that if you try to contain the turmoil, it cannot dissipate. If you stuff your feelings down, they will eat away at you from the inside or build up to a detrimental point.

They never go away. The intensity will lessen and the way you feel will evolve over time.
However, this experience is now a part of you.

Trust me on this.
When I became a widow at the age of 24, I began this journey.
Over 30 years later, moments of emotion still rise within me. Once I allow the feelings to be felt, a sense of calm returns.

So feel them. Share them, Talk to a trusted friend or a support group and allow your feelings to come out. If you need someone to talk to, I am here for you. Find a time and I will call you.

You owe it to yourself.
Allow the waves of emotion to hit you. Yes – some days will be stormier than others.
But these waves will eventually get smaller and you’ll no longer feel like you are stuck in the middle of a squall.

Practice good self-care. Let your feelings out and find some inner calm.

Even if you are doing fine, you probably know someone who isn’t. Please share this with them. Show them you care. Find a time on my calendar for a complimentary clarity call to find your calm in the storm.