It’s important for you to take time to remember people, places and events in your life. It gives you some perspective. However, when you are dealing with a major change in your life (a job loss, a divorce or the death of a loved one) you may feel that is the only thing you can think of; you keep turning events over and over in your head.

Why did this have to happen?

What could I have done differently?

Why didn’t I say (or do)______________?

Now what?

It’s easy to get stuck dwelling on a particularly difficult time and place. Unfortunately that will not help you to keep going – all you will see is pain, hurt, anger, injustice – unable to find your way out.
I know that you have a desire to move forward but you aren’t sure how that will happen.

You’re afraid.
What do you do?
Well – you make a choice.

You could continue to look at the same situations day after day OR you could start to look around to find something different.
Do one small thing – take an alternate route to work or school or to the store; walk in a new location; turn right instead of left; take a gardening class (or whatever you like).

Find one small thing to do for yourself – something that makes you happy, that you enjoy.

Be curious. Notice. Move. Shift.
Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

Walk across the street to get a different view – get a new perspective. Make a conscious effort to find a bit of beauty or something interesting or out of the ordinary.

Just start small.

Baby steps are fine.

Allow the simple wonders and beauty of the world into your life. They will help to renew your spirit and move you forward.