You, like most people, want to feel comfortable. After all, comfort is good.

However, when major changes occur, life gets turned upside down. Your normal routines – the internal comfort that you once had is gone.

No matter what change has happened for you (a job loss, a divorce, or the death of a loved one) the old life that existed has turned into something unfamiliar.

Now what? You have been plopped into new territory. How do you navigate it? What do you do?

Well – you have to learn to be uncomfortable.

To find your way through this changed world, you probably need to manage things you never expected – some of it unpleasant, difficult or downright annoying.

Unfortunately that is what happens when change occurs. The past no longer exists. You have to deal with your present circumstances – even the yucky stuff.

To get to your better tomorrow, you need to travel through the uncomfortable unknown today.

Reach out.
Find someone who will listen and be there for you.
You are not alone.