Loss is part of life’s path. You don’t have to travel alone.


Join me for a workshop designed to help you creatively release your feelings and regain a sense of calm: 

Reconnect to Your Life After Loss and Move forward with joy

Each workshop meets for two hours of calming activity, community, and creative expression, where you find mutual support from people who can understand (at least a little of) what you've been going through. Take the time for yourself to begin the journey and find the path to get.the life back in your.life.


Maryann Udel, Founder of Sheltering.Tree

  • Explore the calm, centered place in yourself
  • Allow the kid in you to play
  • Rediscover your laughter
  • Celebrate your uniqueness
  • Count your blessings
  • Banish the nagging feeling of guilt - be happy to be.alive

Meet Maryann Udel

Founder, Sheltering Tree

I was 24 when my husband was killed in an automobile accident. Overnight, I went from being a young wife to a young widow. From deeply in love to lost in grief. Family and friends were all extremely supportive but, ultimately, I had to figure out how to move myself forward and reclaim my life.

Through years of discovery and exploration, I found it is possible to live, love, laugh and find joy again after loss. And I've made it my mission to help others who are experiencing massive transition know that they're not alone, and to help them reconnect with their life.

If you or a loved one needs help, or you'd like to know more about the programs we offer at Sheltering Tree, please click here to schedule a time to talk.


Take the time for yourself to begin your journey.

Registration is $47 — and you can bring a friend for free.

“I felt safe with Maryann… there was a sort of gentle revealing of underlying emotions that I think many of us didn’t realize were still there, or were needing so much to get out.” 

~ Robyn H.

“A safe, supportive environment… I left feeling lighter from the grief burden I had been carrying.”

~ Diane B.